André photographié par Alice - 1948

André photographié par Alice - 1948

France 3 - Imterview

80 years of photographes

André Gamet, who was born in 1919, has been a photographer for over 80 years.

In 1941, he won the first prize for photography in a National Competition and in 1953, was chosen as one of the five best photographers in “the World’s Greatest photographers

competition in New York.

He was the only professional photographer to have covered the occupation by the Nazis of Lyon, as well as the Resistance in the Vercors.

In 1946, he joined the celebrated photo-agency Rapho where his friends Brassaï and Doisneau already worked.

Although he has travelled a great deal in his life, he always chose to live in Lyon.

In 1994, two of his images were chosen by the city of Paris to be used as posters commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Liberation

In 2004, a large print of one of his photos (“Bal populaire”, 1944) was exhibited on the railings of the Jardin du Luxembourg.

He is interested in the magical and poetic instant, as was his contemporary Cartier-Bresson.